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Athena supports the St Albans Christmas Postbox Toppers

This year Athena Ladies’ Running Club has the great delight of sponsoring a St Albans Christmas Postbox Topper which is situated on Prospect road.

This incredible initiative started 3 years ago and now raises money for two fantastic charities - Open Door and St Albans & District Foodbank. If you do wish to donate to you can do so via their just giving page:

There are 50 postbox toppers to locate across St Albans, Park Street and Harpenden and for each one you can scan the QR code within the Eyes on St Albans app to win some prizes!

Want to try and find all 50? Here is a map to help you along the way -

And if you take any photos make sure you share on socials using #stalbanspostboxes, and if you see our Athena topper tag us @athenaladies.

Happy Postbox Topper hunting!



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