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New Runner Course

Our New Runner Programme is perfect for those who have just learnt to run 5k. This course will help to build confidence in your 5k and learn new technique skills.


The Athena New Runner Programme is a 4-week course aimed to help ladies who have recently learnt to run 5K to help them feel more confident in their running. If you are new to running, this programme is designed to support you in forming a habit with your running and build confidence in your ability to enjoy running weekly, meaning you're less likely stop.


Over the 4-week programme you will:


  • Build confidence in your 5k through group runs and new routes 

  • Learn running technique, including hills and pacing

  • Understand the importance of recovery and stretching to avoid injuries

  • Build your distance to 6.5k, we promise this makes 5k feel easier!

  • Introduce you to the Athena social runs and the fun of running with others (running and chatting is skill we have to master too!)


This programme includes one Athena leader-led group session a week and two homework activities sent to you via email weekly. You will have a dedicated run-leader throughout the 4 weeks to support you and a WhatsApp group with other ladies in the group to help keep each other motivated. 


We see Athena as more of a community than a club and love the support our members give each other.  As part of the New Runner Programme you will have a private WhatsApp group with the other ladies on your programme so you can support each other. You’ll also be able to access to our members-only Facebook page where you’ll have the support of many Athena ladies who have graduated through this programme themselves.  


All Athena members have access to a library of online strength and stretching classes.


The New Runner Programme costs £30 for 4 weeks. This is set up via an Athena membership which costs £20 per month via direct debit and a course sign up fee of £10. 


Whilst on the course you will also have access to the Athena Community Groups, On Demand Online classes and the ability to attend more Athena sessions is you wish. You can see what is included in the membership here. Memberships are cancellable at any time following the course.


We asked some of our graduates for their favourite thing about the programme:

“The course helped me to develop my running style but also practise things I wouldn't usually do on my own."

"Brilliant course, hugely helping in learning correct technique."


"Great group of ladies who were encouraging and motivating and we had an amazing coach who support and motivated the whole group!"

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