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Already a runner?

If you’re already running and not looking for a structured programme, but simply want to run with like-minded ladies, improve your technique or enjoy the social aspect of running, then our membership option is perfect for you.

Athena membership

How does it work?

Becoming an Athena members gives you access to a whole package of benefits.


Firstly we have our regular Social and Development runs each week.  You can come along to as many or as few sessions as you like, although we recommend one Social run and one Development run a week. 


You’ll also get access to our community benefits, providing a supportive environment to share your achievements and additional resources to help contribute to your wellbeing alongside your running. These include:

  • Access to our members-only Facebook group to meet the rest of the Athena community

  • Access to our private WhatsApp groups so you can keep in touch with your new friends

  • Weekly virtual classes such as yoga and strength to help develop your running and prevent injury

  • Free webinars on all areas of wellness

  • Access to the Members Area of the website, where you can watch back the classes and webinars, find stretching tips, recommended products and discounts

Come running with a group of ladies as we explore the streets of St Albans. Our social runs have three running pace options; 6min/km, 7min/km and 8min/km so there is a group for everyone to feel comfortable. They are a chance to meet like-minded ladies for a run. All the social groups are led by one of our qualified run leaders who will provide a warm up, cool down and a planned route. 




Our development sessions are taken by our qualified run leaders and aim to help you develop your running and keep your training interesting. They push you that little bit harder by doing elements of running you may not be used to all the time, such as hill running, fartlek and mobility work. Don’t worry - these aren’t so daunting in a group!

The Community

Our membership also allows you access to our social calendar, members only Facebook page and our private WhatApp groups. This is where Athena ladies often arrange to meet for local runs, events and to cheer each other on when they’re not running themselves. 


Our social calendar includes events around the educational aspects of running, such as nutritional talks and stretching classes, as well as picturesque weekend runs and outings.


Here at Athena Ladies’ Running Club we see ourselves as less of a club and more of a community, and we love the support that all the ladies give each other. 

Right, to the details...


Abbey View Track Building 

Verulamium Park

St Albans


Standard Membership:

£20 a month

Includes all Social and Development runs, social events and community benefits.


Community Membership:

£10 a month

Community benefits only - great if you're not running due to injury or can't make the sessions.

All payments via direct debit. Memberships are cancellable at any time with no minimum period.

How do i join member
How can I join?

If you are interested in joining our community, please fill in the form below. 

We welcome everyone but we would just like to find out a bit more about you and your goals so we can ensure we get you running with ladies of a similar ability. 

If membership is the best option for you, we will arrange a taster session for you to come and see if you like us!

I'm interest! Let's talk...
What distances are you comfortable running at present?

Thanks for submitting - we will be in touch soon!

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