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Member Stories

Why I joined Athena?

Our ladies are our biggest advocates, and we love to hear their stories about how far they have come.  Read below to see what some of our members say.


I started Athena just over a year ago. I joined the 0-5k group and remember being so nervous!I kept thinking ‘I am never going to keep up!’ and ‘I am too big to run’ but I started the course and everyone was really supportive plus I met some amazing women!  

From there I progressed to run in the 5-10k group and in May 2018 I ran my first half marathon! It is something I never thought I would ever be able to complete (if my PE teacher could see me now!)  

Running has so many benefits and everyone has different reasons they want to run, but personally mine has been building my confidence and changing my mindset. There is no feeling like once you have finished that run!  

- Athena Member, January 2019 

I joined Athena when I moved to St Albans earlier this year. I didn’t know anyone in the area and I was keen to get back into running again. I completed the Beginners 0-5k in 8 weeks course and I got the running bug so signed up for the Improvers course.  

Most importantly for me is the fact that thanks to Athena I’ve made some amazing friends. It is a really sociable and friendly bunch. 

I’ve recently completed my first 10k race and have another one coming up. I couldn’t have done it without the fab trainers at Athena and my fantastic team members.  Would recommend Athena to any ladies wanting to start running! 


-Athena Member, October 2018  

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