Ever fancied running, but don't know where to start?


Athena Ladies’ Running Club has the perfect course.  In our experience, ladies join for a number of reasons. So whether you've always wanted to learn to run,  want to get fit, or work on your self-confidence, Athena is a supportive group of women who will be with you every step of the way. 

Unlike the many do-it-yourself 0-5K apps, you’ll be taking on this challenge with a group of around 12 other ladies just like you.  The course will begin with an introduction to walking/running over very short distances, with the aim of gradually increasing your stamina to complete a 5k run by the end of week 8. You will then “graduate” at our local St Albans ParkRun with your new running buddies by your side. 


This 0-5K course is led by qualified run-leaders who are there to support you throughout your journey.  The structure of the programme is one leader-led session each week and  two homework runs for you to complete in your own time.

You will then be invited to progress to our Improvers Course or simply to join in our social runs, both of which take place several times each week.


We see Athena as more of a community than a club, and thats because of the support out members give each other.  At the start of the Beginners Programme you will be invited to a private WhatsApp group with the other ladies on your programme, enabling you to support each other as well as organise to meet for homework runs. You’ll also have access to our members-only Facebook page where you’ll have the support of many Athena ladies who have graduated through this programme themselves. 


“The graduation park run at the end of my 0-5k beginners course was amazing - can't believe I ran 5K without stopping!"

“Meeting and running with a group of really lovely supportive ladies.”

“Week 8 of my beginners course - my first 5k ever! Never thought I could do it”

“Completing my first 5k when I'd always thought (because of being told from school) I was not 'sporty'.”



Abbey View Track Building 

Verulamkium Park

St Albans


We host a new beginners group each month 

with a qualified UKA Affiliated Run Leader.

One off fee of £40 + £10 purchase of Athena high-vis (fully refundable if you don't continue with Athena).

Next Groups...


Please note our Beginners groups are designed for people who are currently not running at all.  We have ad hoc courses for people who are running but not quite comfortable with 5K.  If you're unsure which group is right for you, please contact us via the link below and we can discuss the options with you.

Green Group
Monday evenings

10th August - 5th October

Coral Group
Monday evenings

7th September - 26th October


Pink Group
Friday daytime

4th September - 23rd October


Not sure which group is right for you?