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We are a ladies-only running club in St Albans who aim to provide a safe, supportive and fun environment.  Whether you're looking for a 0-5K Beginners Course or are already running, we would love to welcome you into our club.

Here at Athena we are more than just a club, we are a community of women who believe in each other, support each other’s achievements and inspire the next runner.

Welcome to Athena Ladies Running Club! 

Less of a club, more a community!

Next Beginners Groups

Green Group 

Wednesday Evening

6th March - 24th April 

Meet time: 6:45pm

Only 3 places left!

Indigo Group 

Monday Evening

15th April - 3rd June

Meet time: 6.45pm

Blue Group 

Friday Daytime

19th April - 7th June

Meet time: 11am

Our Beginners groups begin approximately every 4 weeks. If the next group is full, please contact us to join our mailing list to be the first to hear when the next groups launch.

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