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Athena 5th Birthday Virtual Challenge

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An exclusive virtual challenge for members of Athena Ladies Running!

To celebrate our 5th birthday, we are aiming to run 1825km as a team between Monday 9th November and Sunday 6th December.

Why 1825km? We want to run 1km for every day since we opened! (365days x 5years = 1825)

Including Sleep & Working Smarter

The Athena 5th Birthday Virtual Challenge is a group challenge and we will work together to meet the target distance, but you will be able to choose your personal 'pledge distance' to give yourself an individual goal too. Don't worry if you don't quite hit your pledge, others will help make up the distance - this is a group effort! 

This challenge is a great way to stay motivated and running during the 4-week lockdown and come together as a community to achieve a shared goal.  Plus, you'll receive an exclusive Athena wooden medal at the end of the challenge!


  • This is a team target for the month, but you will have the chance to pledge your individual goal

  • Entry costs £10 and includes an exclusive Athena wooden medal (our first ever Athena medal!)

  • Profits will be donated to Small Acts of Kindness, who work to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people in Hertfordshire by connecting communities with kindness. Did you know that just £10 can help provide Christmas gifts to an older person who would otherwise be alone at Christmas? Or that just £25 covers the cost of a gift bag that will help keep an older person warm this winter?  You can find out more about Small Acts of Kindness here.*



When will the virtual challenge take place?

Monday 9th November - Sunday 6th December.


You can still join after 9th November, however your runs will only count from the date you registered. 


Why are we running a virtual challenge?

For a few reasons:

  1. To bring our community together during this lockdown and help keep our members motivated and running.

  2. To celebrate our 5th birthday!

  3. To raise money for a great charity who aim to help reduce loneliness in our community.


How far do I have to run?

This is a group challenge, so there is no set distance you have to run.  As a group, we are aiming to cover 1825km over the 4 week challenge. 


When registering you will be asked to pledge a distance that you individually want to achieve over the month.  However, if you don’t hit this please don’t worry!  Your individual pledge is there to keep you on track, but the focus is a team goal. 

Can I walk or run-walk?

Any runs or run-walks during the 4 week period will count towards the total.

Walks do not count UNLESS you are injured and advised not to run.


How do I submit my mileage?

We will send you an email every Sunday during the challenge with a link to submit your mileage for the week just gone.  We will add up each week’s totals to form a final total. We will provide regular updates as to how we are doing as a team and how far off the target we are. 


We also have a Strava group set up to track live mileage throughout the month which lets you see how others are getting on, however this is just an indication and the final total will be taken from submissions.  You will get a link to the Strava group once you have registered. 


What do I get for completing the run?
At the end of the challenge you will receive an exclusive Athena wooden medal which will be posted to the address on your Team Up account.  Please check your details if you have recently moved. 


How much does it cost to take part?
Entry costs £10 and profits will be donated to charity*. 

I have a question, how do I contact you?

You can contact us via email at


*Costs will be taken out to cover medal, postage and admin. All remaining profits will be donated. 

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