Social Calendar

Upcoming social events

If you are a current Athena member, please head to Team Up to register for all social events.  You can find further info on the Facebook group or in your newsletter. 

If you're not a member, you can head to our Join Us page to find out how to join not only our running sessions but the extra classes and events such as those below! 

Coming up:


5th - Yoga with Sammy 

7th - Lunchtime Live (HIIT)

10th - Sunday Runday 

12th - Lunchtime Live (Mobility)

13th - Learn & Share Athena Forum

14th - Core with Lucas 

17th - Sunday Runday 

19th - Yoga with Sammy

23rd/24th - Versus Challenge 

25th - Lunchtime Live (Upper Body)

28th - Lower Body Strength with Lucas

29th - Athena Book Club 

31st - Sunday Runday 

Not always in trainers